About Our Lime Plastering Service

Lime Plastering is one of our specialist services, having honed our skills in this intricate art over many years. It stands out as a vital practice in sustaining the architectural sanctity of the buildings in the Cotswolds. Lime Plastering allows buildings to breathe, facilitating the escape of any accumulated moisture and ensuring a drier, warmer environment within the property. This method is particularly significant in maintaining the historic and aesthetic essence of the buildings, enabling them to adapt to environmental variances, thereby contributing to healthier and more sustainable living spaces.

Incorporation of Old Oak Laths
Utilising old oak laths is fundamental to preserving the lime plastering traditions in the Cotswolds. These provide a strong and lasting base, enabling the walls to breathe and adding to the overall longevity and durability of the structure. By persistently incorporating old oak laths in our projects, we make certain that every restoration remains in harmony with the original architectural methodologies and materials, safeguarding the rich historical legacy of Cotswolds structures.

Sawn Oak Laths: Merging Authenticity with Stability
Our commitment to structural and historical fidelity is also evident in our use of sawn oak laths. These precisely cut laths serve as an ideal base for lime plaster, providing a balance between authentic charm and modern stability, and are especially preferred for their uniformity and dependability.

Our Specialised Services

Cotswolds Refurbishments is proud to offer a range of services to accommodate diverse client needs, including:

Lime Plaster Restoration:
Our expertise lies in revitalising traditional lime plaster on old and sawn oak laths, retaining the unique charm and extensive heritage of every building.

Lime Plaster Application:
We deploy refined techniques to apply lime plaster on oak laths in newly built structures, focusing on achieving breathability and ecological sustainability.

Historical Building Consultation:
Our consultations are tailored for those intending to renovate or restore buildings within the Cotswolds, ensuring each alteration is in sync with the historical essence of the region.

Commitment to Excellence:
At Lime Plastering Cotswolds, our resolve is to uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship and historical preservation. Our adept artisans are proficient in the time-honoured techniques of lime plastering, guaranteeing meticulous attention to detail and a faithful representation of the Cotswolds’ unique architectural heritage in every project.

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For more details about our lime plastering offerings in the Cotswolds, or to discuss bespoke requirements, do reach out to us at the details below or use our contact form. At Cotswolds Refurbishments, we are eager to assist you in preserving and enhancing the historical and architectural richness of your buildings through our specialist lime plastering services, blending old and sawn oak laths with precision and care.

By reviving the architectural gems of the Cotswolds through lime plastering, we are not just preserving history, but also creating warmer, drier, and more sustainable living spaces.

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